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What makes good package design?

Cool packaging + cool photos = cool brands!

How to make a good packaging design?

Anyone can sell any product as long as it´s cheap and adequate. Still, if you are going for the full entrepreneur experience, it can´t stop there: you want beauty, quality, reputation, and happy customers that appreciate your work. Sadly, there is NO way to generate a high-quality experience with poorly produced assets. You will need to bring the best of yourself and take this part seriously.

Furthermore, today, customers have plenty of options on the shelves; That's why a clever copy plus creative packaging designs can make a big difference, helping you look great on social media and, as a result, gain real followers of your brand.

It is no secret to anyone that social media, #facebook #youtube #Instagram #Tiktok #Pinterest among other upcoming platforms, play a decisive role today for the #success or failure of a hustle. Consequently, betting on a package design that tells something without saying anything is a card you can play in your favor.

How to customize packaging design?

My experience as a senior graphic designer has led me to define three essential aspects when you're ready to hire a specialized designer for the packaging design.

1.- Basic branding design established.

It is vital to have your logo design in a vector format, including an appropriate color palette related to your brand, so your potential clients recognize you over time.

2.- Mandatory texts and creative texts

Make sure to give the creative studio or graphic designer in an orderly manner the necessary information to design the packaging, for example; stamps, tables, ingredients, net weight, product description, QR code, instructions, logo, slogans, power of attorney, and all that mandatory and commercial information to comply with the consumer protection laws established in each country.

3.- High-grade Printing Provider

It is essential to have a trusted printing company service since many offer packaging templates, facilitating the designer's work and yours. You can also request a test print before printing all the material; that way, you make sure that the color tones are the right ones and everything is perfect.

Top 5 Tips for Package Design

  • Use recyclable materials (cardboard, glass, paper, etc.) and eco-friendly inks where possible; people are more conscious about the environmental footprint.
  • Highlight your slogans or phrases of impact using a design based on fonts; letterings continue to be a trendy technique in 2021.
  • Keep it simple; if your packaging is small, I recommend using little text and more illustration or colorful compositions to stand out from the crowd.
  • Design for the wanted audience, study their colors, phrases, styles, and not only for your personal taste.
  • Customize each flavor of your packaging with a slightly different design.
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