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How to design perfect product labels

6 tips to create a successful label design with your own brand design

How to create an attractive label design with your branding

Love or hate at first sight! #BigCrush or #BigCrash.

When we go through the supermarket's corridors, store or any mall, we usually buy what we like, what is recommended by family and friends or the cheapest if we are running money. But, a few times, as an act of magic, a product appears in the right place that briefly catches our attention. We go to it like flies in the light, and we take two actions: We ignore it, or we go over and grab it; when the latter happens, it is the product's opportunity to stand out or scare off the potential consumer.

A good label design is a valuable advertising tool to highlight positive aspects of the product or brand at the time of direct purchase. At that moment, the labels can help the customer give the extra push to decide to buy our product.

Most common fails in Product Label Design.

Labels are advertising pieces responsible for attracting attention when the product is on the counter or shelf; This is one reason why companies like #CocaCola #LuisVuitton, #Nike, or #inditex put so much emphasis on the design of their own. Let's check some common fails to create a product label design.

Unnecessary information

Too much text can lead to confusion and mistrust of the potential customer.

hard to read

If the client can't read the information of interest in an orderly manner or because the font is too small, it can discourage the purchase.

Design without advertising strategy.

When label designs haven't any marketing strategy, it's like throwing darts with eyes close. It will have zero impact on your target for sure and will be a waste of advertisement space.

For example, a standard-priced product with a “luxury” label design that makes it appear more exclusive; the result: they look at it and don't catch it, thinking it's probably more expensive.

Poor Printing Service

If you think you have the hottest design, but, the printing part of your product label design is deficient, you're wasting an excellent advertising space among the opportunity to gain more eyes on potential clients. Cheap printed Product Labels look unreliable for the public comparing with the large amounts of competition in the same price range that every product has at this time.

6 Tips for a Winning Label Design

Now that eyes have been crossed, it's time to demonstrate that your brand goes beyond a simple product visually.

  • Highlights a special ingredient that differentiates you from the competition
  • promotion or discount always motivates the creative purchase designs that make the client want to interact with the brand on social media.
  • Make sure to place the texts in a legible size, spaced, and contrasting colors against the design background to increase the message's receptivity.
  • Less is more; remove all textual information that is not mandatory and bet on more visually
  • attractive designs. Remember that label's primary function is to communicate a specific message since you have little space and little time to convince the potential customer to buy the product.
  • Point into label design for the public you want to buy your products.
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