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Create your brand personality in 2021

What things make one branding more striking than another on 2021?

There's been a lot of talk about the visual importance of owning an attractive image in recent years and the business downsides of a dull, outdated, and personality-less brand. But really, what things make one brand more striking than another?

4 tips to creating your branding after 2020

Imagine that your brand or branding is a #dummie, avatar, or person. What would it be like physically? What would be your way of "speaking" to people? What is your audience? What type of content does it provide? What is the number 1 social network that my brand should use for the product or service my brand offers? And so, a series of characteristics that shape the aspects of your brand personality.

Drawing this on paper is a fun and educational exercise about how we want to be perceived by the end consumer / user of our digital products; When we have our brand personality well defined, it is time to make a good graphic design or audiovisual material that represents us on the web and the real world following the characteristics defined above.:

1 Create collaboration opportunities with your clients or audience

Currently, in 2021, social networks are full of information of all kinds, including free products or services offered to establish a pleasant primary contact with potential clients (sales funnel). So what can we do to gain more spotlight to gain potential customers or followers of our brand?

2 Support the content of your clients or followers of your brand

Give your audience or clients the possibility of exposing their products or services by creating individual posts where you can publish them or do it for them; for example, repost Instagram stories on your website or blog, Facebook groups, etc. In addition to doing organic #SEO, this will make your potential client or follower of the brand feel closer and therefore more in their mind.

3 Create more interactive content

Use all the resources you have available (trending content, stickers, voting, challenges, surveys, etc.) that help you to be present in their newsfeed.; for example:

  • Asking specific questions to get to know your audience
  • Being interested in the content of your followers
  • Leaving comments
  • Periodically do Lives where you clarify doubts
  • Be consistent on your social networks and regularly publish your content, the more stable and present your brand looks (between 1 and 3 IG / FB stories a day, the more confidence you will give off.

In general, create a bond of engagement between you and them because it`s  a healthy, collaborative, and less cold symbiosis

4 Less static photos, more motion graphic content

It is not a secret that most people have increasingly shorter spam of attention due to a large amount of information we receive daily; therefore, I recommend using more attractive #clickbaits to convince people to click on your content.

Click baits are a widely used technique these days to increase consumers' interest to click on the brand's posts, attracting attention with 2d animations, gifs, illustrations, or videos animated and edited interestingly.


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