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Colors pallets 2021

Check the newest color palette trends in 2021

Colors are a potent visual communication tool. The potential is so strong that it can influence our behavior and perception on so many levels, including our daily experiences.

The reason is simple: colors have always been of significant importance in our lives, and you don't have to be a graphic designer or visual artist to understand them.

Picking a trendy color palette in 2021 that is ideal for your product is slightly more complex than in other particular years; the trendy color palettes in 2021 are focus on evoking calm, balance, and style to face our new everyday lifestyle.

My favorite Color Palette on 2021



The claim of serenity and reflection this year has never been more valuable, and the cleansing, escapist nature of Set Sail Champagne (# FAEBD7), TidewaterGreen (# 2F4F4F), and Fortuna Gold (# DAA520) has inspired this color pallet set.



These tones blended want to connect into the spirit of reset and purity to have the room to finally breathe, relax, and think optimistically towards a new future.



In interior design, champagne shades create soothing, sanctuary-like spaces, which give a spa-like atmosphere to bathrooms and living areas. Team the color with mid-century furniture and natural materials to monopolize on its minimal, modernist leanings.


Pantone Color of the year 2021

 In times like this, people seek to reinforce their energy, clarity and hope to overcome sustained uncertainty, encouraging and full life tones to satisfy our search for vitality.

Pantone's choice of colors for 2021 are two colors combination that conveys a message of strength and hope, which, applied to interior design, perfectly encapsulates that feeling of comfort.


The combination of PANTONE Ultimate Gray & PANTONE Illuminating is one of energy and hope. It's a love story between two color tones that captures deeper feelings of kindness and promises something bright and friendly.


Pastel Color Palettes


After a year full of ups and downs, users will want browsing experiences with soothing and brilliant colors. Therefore, the use of magentas, pinks, neutral baby blue, and subtle oranges will be of great importance for graphic design and will generate a significant impact.

An optimistic, youthful scheme perfect to use this winter-spring 2021; these color tones are a playful palette for branding design, social media content, and email marketing.


Interior Design Color Pallets Inspiration


2020 has taught us many things: people are spending more time in their homes. More people are working from home, isolated, and all of that is dragging us to create a unique, personalized home environment.

From warmer colors to bright ones, passing through pastel hues, color palettes for interior design in 2021 will seek to convey a feeling of joy and comfort.

Bright Neon Color Pallets for 2022


One of the color pallet trends we’ll see dominating digital designs in 2022 is saturated, juicy colors matched with much paler hues in the background to make the intense colors pop.

With so much focus on previous seasons on sustainability, creativity was put on the back burner, and now it is back, especially with the use of this season’s color palettes.

In 3D design, these tones are perfect for glossy membranes and deep matte surfaces. You can play with tones as accents for solids, with trims and unique yarn-dyed effects.

Love these color combos? Be sure to pin this out on your design mood board for later inspiration.

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