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About me

Do you have any concerns or questions about your brand or side hustle? Let's chat, no string attached, and see what happens.

Hi! I'm Patt Vielma visual artist based in Spain. As for everyone, 2020 has been a year of transformation and blossom; It has made me reinvent myself from head to toe and analyze what I'm doing to improve my work environment.

More than ever, building symbiotic relationships has become a huge step in our evolution as professionals. Symbiosis is focusing on mutual growth, going beyond the classic cold commercial deals. Working from kindness instead of benefit brings us to a deeper understanding of ourselves to find our true essence and purpose.

I propose to collaborating side by side from a holistic point of view, providing you with tools that make you a better entrepreneur, understanding that there's a person with many dreams like me on the other side of the computer, ready to make their business prosper in harmony.


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